Sunday, 17 February 2013

One week to the Oscars: What are the Odds?

The Oscars will be announced a week today and I'm unusually excited for a change. I still haven't got round to seeing Zero Dark Thirty, Lincoln or Django Unchained but I'm holding out for Argo's chances especially considering its recent successes at the BAFTA's and the Golden Globes.

Last year I looked into putting a bit of money on the Oscars and what would win in some categories but luckily bailed out before I actually made the silly decision to place any bets. I checked out the odds at a gambling website but fortunately didn't put any money on as I would have lost it all.

Anyway this year I've been stupid enough to put a couple of bets on. I'm betting on Argo for best picture but the great thing is that I placed this bet before the Globes and Baftas and the odds were 7/1 that it would win. Now it's the favourite if I placed the bet now it would be virtually worthless but as the odds were good when I placed the best, if it does win, I stand to win £12. I shouldn't get my hopes up but as this is the one thing I'm going to bet on each year, it would be nice to have a bit of success.

I also put a quid on Zero Dark Thirty to win best picture as the odds are something like 60/1 so if it did win, I'll be rich! Probably just a waste of a pound though.

Anyway here are my predictions for the 2013 Oscars in all the main categories. As I said last year, don't gamble as it is a truly silly idea but as I'm not into sports I just want to get in on some of the fun placing bets.

So if you hear someone screaming with delight if Zero Dark Thirty wins on Oscar night, that might just be me. I'll also be happy if Argo wins but selfishly now I won't be as happy as if the film I haven't even seen wins.

If you want to see all the Oscar odds at Paddy Power, click here. Spielberg's the favourite for director, Argo for picture, Lawrence for actress, Day Lewis for actor, Hathaway for supporting actress, Lee Jones for supporting actor, Django for original screenplay, Lincoln for adapted screenplay and Brave for animated feature. So I guess if you think they are the ones that will win, then it's not worth betting but if anyone has insider information and thinks anything else will, then let me know so I can blow some more money!

Who are you hoping will win next Sunday?

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