Monday, 4 February 2013

I Give it a Year Review @Static Mass

Predictably plotted like the most generic of rom-coms, you’re likely to see the end of I Give It A Year sign posted clearly very early on. It’s a major flaw with 99% of romantic comedies but when the rocky road of Nat and Josh’s relationship is this funny and charming, you won’t mind the pre-destined narrative so much.

As a newly married man, the increasing number of films that show marriages in crisis, partners constantly belittling and battling each other and couples that decide to call it quits after many years of matrimony, it’s a frightening and bleak look at what can become of couples not meant to spend their lives together and hopefully not what all couples who spend too much time together will become.

Taking awkward comedy to new levels of cringe worthiness, I Give It A Year will make you squirm in your seat more than a Saw film. Give it ninety minutes of your life.

Read my full review of I Give it a Year over at Static Mass Emporium by clicking here.

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