Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Fox Culls and NHS Staff: Stuff I know little about

In my continuing quest to make a career out of writing, I am trying to write for anyone, anywhere, anytime and that includes writing barely informed opinion pieces over at Yahoo. My first piece for the Yahoo Contributor Network was actually quite well informed seeing as I'm a teacher and it was all about how we should encourage our students to speak better in the classroom. I showed it to some of my students who had a good laugh when I told them that the article might just be about some of the people in the class. Anyway the article got on the front page of Yahoo and then got over 130, 000 hits in one weekend which is nearly as much as this blog has had over its whole two year lifespan! Here's the link if you fancy a read:

Why there is ‘nowt’ wrong with teaching children to speak proper English

I then wrote another piece on the calls for a fox cull to help get rid of urban foxes from towns and cities. This was a response to all the media coverage of the attack on the baby when a fox got in a house and nearly dragged a child away, thinking it was fair game to eat. Now I'm no expert on this subject but I gave it my best shot writing something about it as I do feel strongly that foxes should not be slaughtered just because one baby was attacked. Anyway here is the piece:

Foxes threatened by pitch fork carrying city folk in calls for cull

Then today I just found out my other fairly ill informed piece on NHS staff and whether services should be offered seven days a week got published. My Mum has been a nurse virtually her whole life so I felt quite strongly that NHS staff deserve to be treated better (just like teachers too I might add) but I also think the seven day service thing is a good idea. So that is what I wrote about. The last piece on foxes didn't make it to the front page so the stats on that were a lot lower than my first article but it will be interesting to see how this article on the NHS does over the next few days. I would appreciate it a hell of a lot if you would share it, tweet it and spread the word about it in any way you can! Here's the link:

Why the NHS should provide seven days of service, but also care for their staff better

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