Thursday, 7 February 2013

Team America Soundtrack

One of my favourite soundtracks of all time has to be the incredibly funny and actually very listenable Team America soundtrack. Every track is hilarious and demonstrates the South Park creators knack for making great music and skillful and silly lyric writing. From the classic but I suppose 'mildly' racist 'I'm So Ronery' to the savagely satirical 'Everyone Has Aids' and bombastic ironic patriotism of 'America, Fuck Yeah' this soundtrack is full of so many great songs that I'm saddened it didn't get nominated for Oscars.

It's a soundtrack with a bit of everything from power ballads to a homage to montages of the 80s. The lyrics are always spot on and there is even a song about how much Pearl Harbour sucked. Now that's something we can surely all agree on.

I was just thinking about the funniest sex scene ever and I had to go and listen to the wonderfully silly 'Only a Woman'. Then I worried that there might be people out there that hadn't had the pleasure of Team America yet. And if not then you would not have heard any of these classic songs. So thank me later for introducing or re-introducing you to these silly, catchy, clever little dittys. Are they ever going to make a sequel to Team America? Enjoy!

And before you go, if you missed the uncut version of the already pretty filthy sex scene, check the video out below. But be warned there's a reason the MPAA forced Parker and Stone to trim this scene before release. I feel a little dirty just sharing it here but I guess this is how the director intended it to be seen. Call me immature but it still makes me giggle!

Team america - uncensored puppet sex scene by sutter-cane

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