Monday, 18 November 2013

Latest Homeland News and Reviews

Complementing the constant stream of news and reviews I provide at Yahoo on both The Walking Dead and the Fast and Furious franchise, I'm also still dishing the goods on Homeland which after a slow and dodgy start to its third season, is really starting to pick up speed and momentum now.

Homeland: Carrie plays a dangerous game
This is my episode of episode 5 of season 3. After last week's episode dropped an enormous game changing bombshell in the final few minutes, 'The Yoga Play' takes season 3 of 'Homeland' in a far more exciting direction than what had come before. If you hadn't been convinced by the season so far, this gives fans a reason to get back on board.

Claire Danes talks starring in Homeland and the joys of TV
Television has changed dramatically since Claire Danes first started and 'Homeland' has become her new home on the small screen. She talks about the joys of playing Carrie over three years and how TV is different to working in film. Much of this article was sourced from an interview that Dutin Hoffman conducted with the star. Yeah... that Dustin Hoffman!
Claire Danes on playing bi-polar Homeland hero Carrie Mathison
Claire Danes is perfect as the CIA agent struggling not only with catching terrorists in 'Homeland' but also constantly at risk of serious debilitating health issues. But how does she feel about playing someone with a real condition?

Homeland recap: surrender, revenge and Carrie's unexpected surprise
This is my review of episode 6 of season 3. When Quinn says 'this is just the beginning' at the end of the latest episode of 'Homeland', it feels as though he is talking about the season as a whole. Carrie and Saul's motivations are now clear and the old familiar 'Homeland' is now back on track.

Homeland recap: Coming clean, confession and Quinn grows a conscience
This is my review of episode 7 of season 3. Still no sign of Brody but at least no Dana this time! With season three starting so terribly both for the characters of 'Homeland' and many would argue for fans of the show, things are definitely looking up for everybody in the latest episode 'Gerontion'.
Are you still watching 'Homeland'? How do you feel about season 3 so far?

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