Sunday, 24 November 2013

Yahoo Horror Blog gets a new name

A while back, the editors at Yahoo asked all of us contributors if we would like to have a go at naming their dedicated blog pages. They wanted a name that would strike a chord with fans for each of the different sections they have on the Yahoo Movies website. Although I rarely contribute to the horror page, I decided to give it a shot giving the page a name that I thought would help it appeal to fans of the genre. I sent in a few options and one of mine was picked which meant I won a reward of £50. Not bad for coming up with a few words.

The title I came up with is almost a direct quote from The Sixth Sense, 'Seeing Dead People'. It's not one of my favourite horror films or anything but I thought it would be a reference most would recognise and also it's an apt way to describe any horror fan's life at the movies. I gave Yahoo a whole list of ideas all based around horror film quotes or taglines. I also sent in the following options:

It’s Only a Movie

No More Room in Hell

No One Can Hear You Scream

They’re Here

Be Very Afraid

There Will be Blood

It’s Alive!

Reign of Terror

A little mad sometimes

This was a few months ago that the competition to find a suitable name was made and ever since I've been pumping out constant news stories for Yahoo and it is only this last week that the new title has been used in a sexy looking new banner across the top of the page. You can head over to the Yahoo Horror page here to check it out but here is a sneak peek below:

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