Thursday, 7 November 2013

Latest news, videos and pics from Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Catching Fire is heating up ahead of the November 21st release date and I am lucky enough to be catching a preview screening tomorrow night in London for Starburst Magazine. While I was not the world's biggest fan of the first film, I did love the first and second books in Suzanne Collins' trilogy. I'm also not a huge fan of new director Francis Lawrence either and I think its a real shame that Lionsgate will always push for a 12A rating on these films to maximise their box office potential.

However that is all neither here nor there when it came to seeing the trailers for Catching Fire as I'm now almost as excited as any other Hunger Games uber-fans. Like many others, I'm a little in love with J-Law after her slapstick stunt at the Oscars and constant cute outbursts in interviews. If you've seen Winter's Bone then you would have known immediately this is the perfect girl to play Katniss and she did a fantastic job in the first film.

At least Catching Fire was delivered to the BBFC and got the 12A immediately without having to make any compromising cuts this time. On the other hand some might argue a few cuts might be welcome in a film that is going to be released with a bum numbing running time of 146 minutes. Still if I had my way, a film about a gladiatorial style fight to the death between teenagers would get a 15 or 18 rating on premise alone. Then the filmmakers would be free to go wild with the blood, guts and carnage.

Empire Magazine have a tantalizing new clip and the Facebook page is full of lovely pictures from the film. Oh and Twitter went nuts yesterday because J-Law has appeared with a new haircut so I though I'd share it for those of you interested in such things. Should provide a great bit of free publicity for promoting Catching Fire.

My review will be up on the Starburst Magazine website as soon as the embargo is lifted and will also hopefully be included in the print edition of the magazine asap.

Do you care about Jennifer Lawrence's haircut?

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