Sunday, 24 November 2013

King of graffiti stop motion animation Blu returns

Blu is a graffiti artist who creates the most amazing, epic, landscape transforming stop motion animations you will likely ever see. If you have any interest in animation then check out one of his latest videos below:

This one is called Big Bang Big Boom and it is just incredible. His work before this has always been a bit magical but this takes his art to the next level. There is so much going on in this 10 minutes of animation and it feels as though Blu has painted an entire city and taken the viewer on a journey through evolution.

He paints on everything and there is so much interaction between his 2D paintings and the £D everyday world, that this is beyond anything Blu has achieved before. It also tells more of a story and does not suffer from the same sense of repetition as some of his other work.

Standout scenes are the beach full of litter and the part towards the end that shows the evolution of weaponry right through to the fatalistic finale.

If you skipped watching the video but are still here reading my pointless words, then go and click play right now. This is an incredible piece of moving art that has to be seen to be believed. Then once you've watched it once, start it again and appreciate the enormous effort and countless hours that must have gone in to creating this mammoth production.

Big Bang Big Boom is experimental, political and nothing short of mind blowing. I think Blu created this in 2010 but I've only just seen it and decided it had to be shared. Blu also has a website where you can buy a DVD collection of his work so if you like this, then go check out some more.

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