Sunday, 17 November 2013

Latest Walking Dead Season 4 News and Reviews

The Walking Dead season 4 is now well under way and things are as eventful as ever with walkers, sickness and most recently the return of one very nasty mofo from season 3 rearing his ugly head again. Here's my most recent writing at Yahoo on the latest season.

The Walking Dead special effects wizard Greg Nicotero on the future of the show
Greg Nicotero, makeup guru and zombie legend is one of the driving forces behind 'The Walking Dead', multi-tasking and making sure all those many zombies look the part  and more importantly get dispatched in inventively grisly ways. He talks about the makeup, the pressure he feels from fans and the Walking Dead theme park attraction.
The Walking Dead: Bring Out Your Dead
This is my episode of season 4, episode 3. The plague is spreading and the survivors of the zombie apocalypse are dropping like flies.
The Walking Dead stars face zombie fans at Walker Stalker Convention
Walker Stalker Con unleashed the zombie epidemic on Atlanta with legions of fans descending on the Atlanta Convention Center in order to pick the brains of the show's stars. Really want to go to this one year!

The Walking Dead: What comes next for Carol the killer?
This is my review of episode 4 of season 4. With last week's episode closing with the enormous bombshell that Carol was the culprit responsible for killing two sick people and burning their bodies, 'Indifference' deals with the fallout of that huge revelation.
Walking Dead executive producers on when The Governor will return
Since his disappearance, The Governor has yet to resurface in season four but Robert Kirkman and showrunner Scott Gimple promise the one eyed maniac will be back.

The Walking Dead: What is next for the Governor?
Showrunner Scott Gimple and star David Morrissey have been chatting to Entertainment Weekly about what to expect when The Governor gets back into the action.
Don't let The Governor leave The Walking Dead
'The Walking Dead' might be holding back from revealing the whereabouts of its villain-in-chief The Governor but David Morrissey insists that he will stay with the series for some time to come, despite having a new show on the horizon.

The Walking Dead: Walkers breach the fences
This is my review of episode 5 of season 4. After last week's episode took place primarily out on the road, we are back in the relative safety of the prison this week. But behind bars the sickness is really taking its toll and the walkers at the fences are not making things any easier for anyone.

What do you think of season 4 so far?

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