Thursday, 28 November 2013

Sunshine on Leith Premiere

Thanks to Tastic Film I got the opportunity to attend the premiere of Sunshine on Leith a while ago. We were in the press pit with all the other media vultures begging for scraps of information from all the glitzy stars in attendance. As well as director Dexter Fletcher and stars Jane Horrocks and Kevin Guthrie, we got to interview David Tennant and Jonathan Ross and I even got to meet Will Poulter, the breakout star of We're the Millers and upcoming young adult adaptation The Maze Runner. 

I've been keeping a close eye on Poulter ever since seeing him in Son of Rambow, laughing my ass off at his South African accent in School of Comedy and watching him grow (and grow and grow and grow) into a very talented dramatic actor in Wild Bill and then hold his own with Jennifer Aniston in comedy We're the Millers. Here's a lovely picture of me getting totally over excited about meeting him: 

I didn't get the chance to interview Mr Poulter but seeing Jonathan Ross and David Tennant floating around and shooting the breeze felt like too big an opportunity to miss. They were also joined by Arabella Weir (from The Fast Show) and the trio made for a very amusing interview discussing amongst other things what Ross' wife Jane Goldman is working on, Doctor Who's 50th anniversary and we even got round to mentioning the film Sunshine on Leith! 

It was a super star studded event held at BAFTA and I also saw the likes of Richard Curtis and Dermot O'Leary in attendance. I was hugely tempted to run around and take photos of all of them but I'm pretty sure I'd have got kicked out of there quick as you can click your fingers. The Proclaimers whose music is used throughout the film were also there but I didn't get the chance to interview them.

Back of David Tennant's head, Jonathan Ross, Dexter Fletcher, and Arabella Weir

Still it was very exciting to be in the presence of all those celebrities and here is my review of Sunshine on Leith. Unfortunately all the interviews are not yet up at Tastic Film but I'm sure they one day will be.

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